What is a 'Shortlist' campaign?

Written By Will Spence (Administrator)

Updated at July 15th, 2021

When students have decided which universities they want to consider for applications, they will add them to their 'shortlist' on the BridgeU platform. These are the universities that they are going to focus the majority of their research on.

With a 'Shortlist' campaign, universities can deliver content to the feeds of students who have added that university to their shortlist. Students will be thinking about which universities they want to apply to at this stage, and so the information will be more bottom-of-funnel, providing students with the type of content to help them with their decision if they are already thinking about applying to that university.

Students will be wanting to make their final decisions about where they apply to universities at this stage. Helping educate them about why they should be considering your university is key to this. A 'Shortlist' campaign can help you further tell and finalise your story to students who are already showing interest in potentially applying to you.

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