How does the campaign process work?

Written By Will Spence (Administrator)

Updated at July 15th, 2021

BridgeU's specialist content team will work with a university to talk through the themes that students find important at particular points in their application lifecycle. We will then work with you to build content around these themes, that are delivered in a linear fashion to help properly tell your story.

Each campaign has between 3 to 5 articles, depending on when it starts and where we are at around key decision deadlines. Articles are usually released weekly, so that students can digest the information before receiving another one. The aim is to start with an introduction to the campaign so that students are informed as to why they are receiving the articles, before finishing with a closing article to explain what they have learnt.

The articles are all released within the BridgeU webapp. Articles are published directly onto a student's feed, so when they log into the BridgeU platform, they can view the content as one of the first things that they see. Articles will remain on their feed but be moved further down once new ones in the series are published. Links to previous articles in a campaign will appear at the side of the current article that the student is viewing.

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